I’m a UX designer with experience designing products for diverse user groups—from under-performing K-6 students, to self-motivated professional learners. I started my career as a teacher, and my approach to UX design is much like designing an instructional unit. 

First, I need to know who my users are, and what the requirements of the product are. Then I structure the content in a way that logically meets my users at their existing skill level. I determine the user’s flow through the product, and define how they interact with content, progressing from inexperienced clumsy novices, to knowledgeable and nimble pro users.

I'm a well-rounded (but not particularly rotund) person. I look forward to doing things I've never done before.

UX is everything

It's the cumulative impact of design, functionality, production, and marketing decisions. I focus on making data-informed choices to create smooth and effective interactions with the product.

UX is as little as possible

I remove hurdles for the user and eliminate redundant actions and information. I discover what's important for the largest group of users and focus on that first.

UX changes over time

Users grow in both knowledge and ability. This happens in multiple timeframes. Products should support new users and evolve to support a user base with diverse skill levels and experiences.

Functionality is the minimum

Effective and memorable products connect with users on an emotional or physical level. A product that accomplishes the required functionality is a starting point. I create products that evoke delight and curiousity.